uPVC Door Locks – Multipoint Locks

Multipoint locks are available in a variety of designs, but generally include a centrally located deadbolt and a live bolt (latch), at least two hook bolts and possibly a pair of compression bolts.

The bolts are normally operated by lifting the door handle from either side of the door leaf and are locked in place by the turn of a key from either face of the uPVC door or, if the door is the only means of escape, by an internal thumbturn.

The compression bolts, if fitted, and or the hook bolts pull the door tightly into the weather seals in the frame to keep it weather tight. Some versions have additional bolting into the top and bottom frames and even into the hinge side of the frame.

There are others that automatically engage all the bolts as the door closes, but these tend to be a lot more expensive. Most enhanced secure doorsets are fitted with multi-point locks, but there are still lots of enhanced secure timber and composite doors that still use the rim nightlatch and BS 3621 mortice lock combination.

Below are some examples of UPVC door locks mechanisms on the market today in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us on 01372 727104 if you are unsure of the type of lock you have.

There is a standard for testing and certifying multi-point locks: PAS 3621:2011 Multipoint locking assemblies. Keyed egress. Performance requirements and test methods. In the same vein as mortice locks and rim nightlatches they will be available with keyless egress (PAS 8621) and dual mode (PAS 10621).

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Burglars have discovered what the locksmith and hardware industry have known for years. It doesn’t matter how many hook or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the cylinder lock.

Due to inherent weakpoints in the door cylinder lock, having little material to give robust strength and the screw fixing enhancing this weakness, using simple tools, a burglar can “snap” the cylinder and gain access to the door mechanism and open the door. In as little as 20 seconds, a burglar can gain entry with very little noise.

We can supply and fit new Anti-snap cylinders to all your UPVC or composite doors at very reasonable prices. After many years experience in the field and knowing which cylinders are reliable, cost effective and ultimately secure, we fit the best two Anti-snap cylinders on the market today.

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Our Locksmith Services

The term Locksmith by definition is “a person who makes and repairs locks”

This would be correct, however the traditional definition could be considered dated. Working as a locksmith in Epsom for many years I can tell you first hand that the modern day locksmith covers a broad range of skills and services.

There are only a handful of people out there that actual make locks nowadays and is usually associated with specialist restoration work for historic buildings.

The modern day locksmith is usually tied up with uPVC & composite door locks which account for about 75% of the doors in Surrey.

So what other services do we offer as locksmiths?

Firstly we cover all aspects of uPVC door locks, repairs, opening and installation. This includes both windows and door mechanisms called multi-point locks incorporating various hooks, bolts and rollers that work together keeping your door secure and weather resistant.

Emergency call outs involve coming out to your rescue when you are locked out, your lock has failed or are in urgent need of repairs or lock changes as well as a boarding up service for windows an doors.

We stock a wide range of locks and hardware from roller shutter locks for local business owners, high security lock cylinders and specialist items for commercial aluminium doors and shopfronts to your basic domestic locks such as Yale nightlatches and Chubb style deadlocks that would typically be installed in the doors to your home.

Whatever the situation, if it involves doors, windows or locks then we should be able to sort it for you. Any doubts then pick up the phone and call John for advice and quotations on 01372 727104

Avoiding National Locksmiths

It is now getting extremely difficult to identify genuine local locksmiths business amongst the call center listings that are spamming the life out of Google search results.

Using these national locksmith franchises is asking for trouble as often they are just playing middleman and charging you a premium for the privelage, with little chance of getting future problems rectified or honoring any of their ‘no call out fee’ claims. Truth is they are a plague and we are constantly finishing work they have attempted and hear numerous sob stories of customers ripped off by them.

So as a customer looking for a locksmith online, how can you ensure you avoid these rip off merchants?

– Avoid any advertisement listing multiple local landline numbers. These are all redirects to the same call center. Would a genuine local business really need this setup?

– Test their area knowledge. If they are genuinely local they will be familiar with directions and landmarks and not be asking for postcodes before they can quote for work.

– Is a contact name mentioned on the site? Usually national call centers refer to their locksmiths as ‘engineers’. Local businesses will usually mention the name of the locksmith to put you on first name terms.

– Be Wary of Google Adwords. Nowadays most local business owners will avoid using Adwords due to the huge cost. 90% of the time the top three listings are national locksmith franchises.

– Shop around!! No matter how urgent the situation make sure you shop around and get a five or so quotations. Genuine local businesses will be upto 50% cheaper than national locksmiths.

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Be Wary Of Call Centers!

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Burglary Prevention in Surrey

More often than not we find that our customers in Surrey haven’t really considered preventative measures until after the event has taken place.

Usually people are under the impression that there is no crime in their area or taking precautions is an expensive addition to their home.

The majority of break ins we encounter as locksmiths in Surrey have usually happened overnight and mainly target keys for high end vehicles.

So what can be done to prevent your home being ‘easy pickings’?

I read an article recently by an ex career criminal stating that his gang only targeted easy homes.  Anything with alarms, cctv and visual deterrents was deemed too much hassle.

Nobody likes to work hard, even crooks. So the best we can do is make things as difficult as possible and make sure that it is evident that your home is not ‘easy’.

CCTV kits are fairly cheap nowadays and are usually plug and play devices that can easily be connected to an existing TV or monitor in your home. Visible cameras aiming in any vulnerable direction will undoubtedly deter any criminal scoping the area. If you cannot afford to have this you can pick up dummy camera boxes a lot cheaper that use a red LED, almost identical to the real deal.

Anti-Snap locks fitted to all external uPVC doors will prevent this common method of gaining entry that is now used to gain fast access to your home. Any lock protruding from the handle more than a few millimeters needs urgent attention and upgrades to British Standard or TS007 3 star are preferable.

Alarm boxes or dummy boxes fitted outside are another indication to a crook that the home is going to be well secured and cause unwanted attention should a break in be attempted.

Neighbourhood watch groups should be formed by any close knit community, if everyone remains vigilant and looks out for one another, particularly when on holidays then any unusual activity in the street/area is likely to be noticed.

Protecting fences from climbing can be achieved with additional cross hatched panels that encourages plant growth. When combined with thorny plants it can be an excellent deterrent. Panels slotted into concrete posts should be fastened to prevent easy lifting. Barbed wires are not always acceptable in some areas although prikka strips are a safer alternative.

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